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Who we are

and our goals

Our team consists of professional veterinarians, breeders and true dog lovers. We believe that dog care can be easy if the owner uses the right tools and gadgets.


We have many years of experience with dogs, and we have tried out a lot of various pet-related goods. Our friends and clients always ask for our opinion and recommendations before they buy any tool or gadget to use with their dog. That’s why the main idea for creating this page was to share our experience, and review the high-quality and must-have goods created for pet owners, and give you our feedback and opinions.

Our Experts

Jennifer Rutherford

Jennifer Rutherford


I’m a professional vet with over 15 years’ experience. There have been a few occasions when I have been recognized as a reliable expert on different pet supplies in the world. My opinions and recommendations have been published many times in different pet-related articles and blogs. I love pets and enjoy taking care of them. My wish is that every homeless or sick animal can find a loving home, where people would take proper care of them as well as making them happy. LinkedIn

Michael Mayer

Michael Mayer

Editor in Chief

I’m a true dog lover. At the moment I have two dogs of my own – a Jack Russell Terrier and an American Eskimo. I’m extremely interested in their training, care, and behaviour. Therefore, I love to try new pet-related products with them.

My area of expertise is in dog nail grinders as I have tried many of them already. I strongly believe that taking care of dog nails should become one of the most important tasks for every dog owner. I’m always very excited to share all my insights and reviews with you!

Jacob Rowe

Jacob Rowe

Head of Research

I was raised on a farm full of various pets. I still remember having my first dog and how I met him. Since then, dogs have been leading me all through my life.. They are my best friends and heroes. I believe that every owner can create a much happier life for dogs if they take proper care of them.


Evaluation Methodology


LED lights, Power Modes, Replaceable Heads and other  easy to use features were evaluated by comparing different grinding devices.


We checked all the reviews on Google, Amazon, Facebook and TrustPilot to see how clients’ evaluated the grinders and the ratio of positive and negative comments about the brand.

Availability and Shipping Costs

Our experts checked shipping to different countries, prices and rates.

Motor Power

Grinder power is especially important to pet owners, so we tested each grinder’s power to evaluate the most powerful ones on the market.

Operating and Charging Times

We tested and evaluated each grinder by charging them and monitoring how long they last in usage mode (for grinding nails).

Expert (Vet) opinions

We gave all the grinders to vets for testing and asked them to share their opinion and rate them from 1 to 10 based on their performance.


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