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Our Evaluation Methodology

We put every product on our website through an extensive and fair test program. We review products based on value, features, speed, customer satisfaction, and more. We make sure to only recommend the very best dog products.


All nail grinders feature the same basic characteristics: a rotary tool with a drill bit on the end that grinds down a dog’s nails. However, when selecting a pet nail grinder, there are a range of factors to consider, such as power modes, LED lights, replaceable heads, grinding speed, loudness, vibration, protective cover, comfort in hands and price. Those are features that can make all the difference during nail grinding and determine the comfort of your pooch.


We’ve tested, analyzed and compared all of those characteristics to determine the best nail grinders available on the market. Our top choices are the result of intense research on the best features of grinders and their main differentials. 



Buyers reviews are extremely valuable as they express a concrete opinion about the effectiveness of the nail grinder in different situations and pets. It’s important to listen to what customers have to say about the product before drawing any conclusions from the grinder. That’s why we checked all the reviews on Google, Amazon, Facebook and TrustPilot. Our purpose is to see how clients evaluated each nail grinder individually, and then we also analyzed the ratio of positive and negative comments about each brand.


Availability & Shipping

There’s no point in analyzing and classifying the best nail grinders on the market if they’re not available for purchase, shipping or simply the price doesn’t match the features. Our experts checked each of these characteristics before making any conclusion. We carefully analyzed shipping availability to different regions of the world, prices and fees.


Motor Power

An important feature of nail grinders, the motor power determines the efficiency and speed of the claw trimming process. We’ve placed the grinders side by side, tested their efficiency and analyzed the drill bit revolutions per minute (rpm). Our top choices not only featured other qualities, but also exhibited good engine performance.


Operating & Charging Times

Nail grinders can work with three different power sources: USB rechargeable batteries, AA batteries and a power outlet. Each type has its limitations and advantages, such as flexibility, efficient use time, battery change time and charging period. Our team took all three types of sources into account, evaluating each grinder specification and monitoring how long they last in usage mode. 


Expert (Vet) Opinions

A professional opinion is also very important in determining which grinders are most useful to have at home, which ones are ideal for beginners and which ones are most recommended for experienced pet owners. That’s why we gave all nail grinders to vets for a testing period. We asked them to share their opinion and rate the devices from 1 to 10 based on their performance and usability at home.


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