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LuckyTail enabled my dog to not be frightened of having his nails trimmed

Robert Lewis

Robert Lewis

Site Editor

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Trimming my German Shepherd’s nails with a clipper has always been stressful and traumatic for both of us! Every ‘clicking’ sound disturbed and even scared him, especially because he once had a bad experience with the groomer who accidentally overcut his claws and caused them to bleed. After such a shock, even I understood his desperation when I held his paws up for trimming.


However, my German Shepherd friend and I soon learned that with the right equipment there’s no need to be afraid or stressed. It’s been three years since we started using a nail grinder and from that first trimming session with the new “toy”, nail care ceased being such a traumatic procedure and instead, became an intimate moment that now we share together.

What is a grinder?

A dog nail grinder is a motorised device with a grinding head made of sandpaper attached to the top of the device. The core elements are the electronic centre, the handle, and the drill bit that gently grinds and smooths the dog’s nails in a stress-free process. For the best pet-friendly experience, finding the right grinder is essential.

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There were some specifics that I was looking for in a nail grinder to ensure a pleasant experience for my dog. I wanted one that was durable, quiet, and vibration-free, easy to hold, with different speed rotations and suitable for different breeds. After long research, it was easy for me to identify what I considered to be the best, which was the LuckyTail Nail Grinder.

Grinders or Clippers

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One of the biggest advantages of a nail grinder is safety because you trim in short and quick spurts that give time to see the quick – the part of the nail which is full of nerves and veins – and can stop before cutting it, which is hard to see when you are clipping the nails. When buying a high-end nail grinder like LuckyTail, the device will come with a protective cover that will not let you overcut the dog’s nail. Double points for grinders!

Nail clippers get the job done faster than grinders, however, they leave nails jagged and without a shape, making it very easy for your dog to scratch you. In general, and it comes without even saying, that a nail grinding tool simplifies the often stressful experience of nail trimming.

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What I like about the LuckyTail Nail Grinder

There are several things that I like about LuckyTail:

Quietness. It is super silent and vibration-free. I tried many grinders that are loud and which scared dogs, but this one makes the whole process smooth, plus it doesn’t hurt the dog’s nails.

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Ergonomics. The curved design makes LuckyTail even more unique. It is super comfortable to hold while grinding my pet’s nails. I’ve heard some people say that for left-handed folks, motors should spin in the opposite direction. However, I don’t see a problem with that. By the way, I am left-handed.

Power. This is the most important thing you should care about when choosing a nail grinder. Most of the grinders on the market are not powerful enough so you can’t use them on big dogs (even on small ones sometimes). LuckyTail has the most powerful motor in the market with two speeds (8000 and 10000 RPMs).

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Overall, I’m very happy with my LuckyTail choice. It’s an easy-to-use rechargeable and wireless device that does its job formidably. I can only be grateful for finding a device that makes my dog not afraid of having his nails trimmed anymore. This grinder is at the top of the budget scale, but overall the quality speaks for itself. For a starter or experienced groomer, LuckyTail is a fantastic option.

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