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SHOCKING! Our beloved dogs devote their lives to us, but we fail them every single day. This product will change it forever.

Jacob Rowe, Washington DC, Wednesday 9:24 AM

We hear it all the time - Dog is a man's best friend. But do we really treat them as so? There is one product with SUPER-Ingredient that will help you to redeem your mistakes.

Sneak-peek: dogs love this product as much as their owners who can ensure hassle-free care their beloved companions deserve 🐕

There is so much magic in the dog-human relationship. We love to play with our dogs, go on adventures or simple day walks in the park. We cuddle with them, get calm after a long day at work and tell them how cute they are.

Most dog owners really love their dogs to the moon and back but are completely unaware that their love isn’t enough to keep their dogs healthy so they could enjoy a long and happy life.

“But all they need is some dry food, a bowl of clean water, and a few tasty treats from the table”- most owners think when it comes to daily dog’s nutrition ration and routine. “I buy this great dry food I saw on a TV ad and Spike loves it” - we hear quite often. But we hide our lack of motivation and interest to learn the true needs of our dogs under these commercial claims.

You see, when it comes to our own health we get really cautious - we question, try to learn the benefits and hazards of different foods, we look for naturally-sourced, ecological ingredients. We get even more attentive when we have initial symptoms or early signs of any potential diagnosis rushing to the doctors for a check-up.


And how ironic is it that we are taking food supplements, vitamins or make sure to consume a vitamin-rich breakfast to stay healthy, enjoy physical activity, but usually fail to ensure our pawed friends get it too? Don’t they need it? Don’t they deserve it for all that love and affection they throw at us every single day?

There are many challenges that our dogs face during their lifetime, but one of those most painful moments occurs when their mobility starts to decay... No more happy jumps, no more long runs or walks, occasional mood swings and sluggishness.

😭 It's heart-aching to witness such a condition that the majority of older or large breed dogs face sooner or later. It is even more worrying to know that it affects more and more dogs potentially causing serious illnesses like osteoarthritis if left untreated. How is this even possible?! Dogs give us 100% of their love, attention, and care… Do we even try to return the favor?

😰 OK, But Where To Start?

There is so much that can be done to prolong the healthy and active life of your dog, it’s easy to get lost - a balanced diet and improved ration, special rugs and paw grips to reduce slipping, proper nail care, special exercising, special support systems for sleeping, eating, walking, or even seeking medical advice, and etc.

It is said - the biggest changes are made in small steps. Thus while changing diet might take some time and effort, enriching the diet with needed nutrients, vitamins and minerals usually makes a big difference with little hassle.

We believe you need to start with LuckyTail Hip&Joint soft chews and your dog will be thankful

We have discovered this product through recommendations and tested it with our dogs to learn its superior quality and irresistible duck flavor.
No surprise though, as the product was researched and sourced by a company that successfully launched and sold over 300,000 units of premium dog nail grinder - LuckyTai.

Value Bundles With Up To 52% OFF

What do LuckyTail Hip&Joint soft chews have to make it to our recommendation list?

✅ Fiercely tested on our own dogs and already admired by them - they eat soft chews like treats 🙂
✅ 2x the active ingredients - rich in glucosamine and chondroitin and green-lipped mussel that are celebrated as one of the super ingredients for joint health
✅ Naturally sourced and produced by widely certified, FDA approved, experienced USA company
✅ Packed in a convenient size (60 soft chews) and lovely designed jar
✅ A superior quality product formulated by a veterinarian
❌Don’t have all that low quality ingredients that other supplements still have - so no dies, no preservatives, no stuffers like corn, wheat, etc. Just premium ingredients.

It’s not a medicine, it’s a daily supplement for essential dog health care

It’s an amazing blend of naturally sourced ingredients - glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, amino acids, multiple vitamins for supporting, sustaining your dog’s joint health, or easing the more severe conditions.

It doesn’t have all that low quality ingredients that other supplements still have - so no dies, no preservatives, no stuffers like corn, wheat, etc. Just premium ingredients.

Rich in a Natural SUPER-Ingredient - Green-lipped mussels. Backed by science.

Green-lipped mussels or Perna mussels are a natural alternative to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and work their magic through similar actions in the body. These supplements come from an exclusive type of mussel found only on New Zealand's coast, which serves as both a food source and an amazing food supplement for both humans and animals.

Green-lipped mussels are most known for their capacity to effectively relieve pain, improve mobility, and improve quality of life in osteoarthritis patients. It’s also rich in Omega-3s and other fatty acids that have far-reaching benefits, supporting skin, coat, joints, and heart health.

The 2013 study published in the Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research found that dogs suffering from Osteoarthritis were able to walk more smoothly on a diet rich with Green-lipped mussel extract. The researchers also noticed an increase in blood levels for EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids, which are important nutrients usually lacking due this disease process

So you think “Nah, my dog doesn’t need it”?

🔶 Is your dog healthy and active? Great, give needed support for joints to prolong the joy of movement
🔶 Is your dog overweight? Overweight and obese dogs are at an increased risk of developing mobility issues, and the additional weight puts extra stress on weakened joints.
🔶 Is your dog one of the large breeds? Due to the continuous stress on joints, there is a great chance hip and joint problems will occur sooner or later. Start caring for it now, not when it’s too late.
🔶 Is your dog adult/older? Aged dogs accumulate all the previous injuries, improper nutrition, lack of vitamins and minerals and the majority of them suffer from different level joint health conditions.
🔶 Does your dog show any signs of reduced mobility or discomfort in joints? Any signs of "slowing down," even subtle ones, are not a natural consequence of ageing. If your dog is limping along, it's time to look for help.

Learn more about these versatile soft chews

It provides a 360 support for your dog's joint health

PRO Canine formula is backed by science and provides the following advantages:


Your Dog Will Thank You Just Like NICO (picture below)

“I’ve been giving NICO LuckyTail Hip & Joint Soft Chews for about a month now and I’ve already noticed that the limp in his leg is gone and he enjoys our afternoon walks way more… Oh and he LOVES the duck flavor of the soft chews!” - John

All dog owners love the LuckyTail Hip&Joint Soft Chews

Here's what their users have to say about LuckyTail Hip&Joint Food Supplements:

Blaze is the best companion I could ever ask 🐾🐺 Our outdoor adventures are long gone, but I'm happy to keep him active & healthy. Hip&Joint food supplements make it easy - Blaze always enjoys tasty chews and gets necessary nutrients daily.

My wife and STELLA 🐶 have always enjoyed daily walks in the woods next to our ranch. However, at certain times after longer walks, Stella would start limping. We have been recommended to look for food supplements rich in glucosamine and MSM. That's how we ended up with LuckyTail Hip&Joint soft chews and been using since.

It's packed with quality nutrients and 2x the active ingredients, duck-flavored. A perfect match to keep my restless Koda's joints healthy and ready for our long runs in the park. Definitely recommended!

Just $39.95 $18.99 / JAR

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Now you can get this ADVANCED formula Hip&Joint soft chews for as low as $18.99 per Jar:

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