Expert: “This Everyday Habit is Turning Your DOG into a…


…In Under 3 Minutes A Week!

If your dog tends to act indifferently toward you...

If it gets anxious when you're leaving the house...

Or if it ignores you, unless you’re about to feed it...

There are TWO things you must know right now...

One: You're not alone.

Far from it.

Millions of dog owners across the country are increasingly struggling with the same issues you are.

This One Common Mistake that dog owners repeatedly make every week...

Has been rapidly making their dogs more anxious, fearful, hyper-active

And if we’re talking about the very extremes

It can finally explain why…

Dogs Are Way More Likely To Bite Their Owner At A Shocking Pace!

And in MOST cases owners like you don’t realize it…until it’s too late!

You'll find out what it is in just a minute. 

Prepare yourself - because you're going to see how this Everyday Habit...

Is secretly turning your “best friend” into your absolute WORST ENEMY…

And that applies to YOU whether you're dealing with a dog who's a little “high-strung” or one who's already “out of control”...

The second thing you need to know is this: If you want to stop your dog from being this quietly "Ticking Time Bomb"... 

…and especially if you want to help REVERSE any damage that’s been done

...and experience what “man’s best friend” truly means...

…it’s absolutely mission-critical that you take action NOW.

In the next few minutes, you'll find out about the recent invention that's helped THOUSANDS of U.S. dog owners to ditch the habit I’m talking about…

And has given them a new chance at having the obedient, loving dog they've always wanted.

According to Americans who have tried it, this can help you fully trust your dog again… 


And enjoy the deep unwavering companionship of your furry friend… 


WITHOUT constantly being on your toes about what might happen next.

If You Put This Breakthrough Device To Use Today You’ll Be Able To…

That’s the proven power of the breakthrough innovation revealed in this presentation.


First, I must warn you… You probably won’t believe what you’re about to hear.



We're In The Midst Of An Unprecedented, Nationwide Dog Mental Health Crisis!

Just look at this disturbing graph…

Hospitalizations Due To Dog Bites In The U.S. (In Thousands)

The data come from one of the most reliable sources in the scientific world… The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

In the year 2000, there were 5,5 thousand recorded cases of people hospitalized for being bitten by dogs.

By 2010, there were over 7 thousand cases...

In 2020, according to the CDC, there were well over 13.5 thousand cases...

And in a few more years, if the trend continues, there'll be more than people 21.9 THOUSAND PEOPLE HOSPITALIZED for dog bites every year!

Currently, over 77% of the biting dogs belong to the victim’s family or friends!

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…


There Millions Of Ways In Which A Mentaly Unstable Dog Will Make Your Life A Living Disaster




If your dog is not aggressive yet but just tends to be naughty or too anxious


These are the early signs that your dog is suffering


And the risk that it will become one of those statistics in the future…


Is GROWING by the minute as you continue doing this ONE thing…

I’m talking about something that was relatively recently introduced to the modern world…

Something we FALSELY thought was safe and even beneficial for our dogs!

…But is turning HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of loyal U.S. dogs into a health hazard!

And now, the "Smoking Gun" has emerged.

Turns out that among all the excessive stimuli of the modern world that have been shown to TRIGGER dogs…

And can even damage their psychology PERMANENTLY…

One stands out far above the rest.

It’s NOT vacuum cleaning…

It’s NOT long car rides…

It’s NOT even loud fireworks…

Of all things, turns out that Trimming Your Dog’s Nails With Conventional Dog Nail Clippers…

Is responsible for MORE health hazards and psychological damage to dogs than any of these other things COMBINED!

Now, I've seen it THOUSANDS of times in my practice...

And it takes me less than 3 seconds to tell exactly what's wrong with a dog when I see it...

For a long time, even I had no idea why dogs HATE nail clipping so much.


But now, thanks to the most recent groundbreaking research in the field of cynology, we finally know that…


This uniquely traumatizing act of being restrained by your caretaker and having your claws cut with a sharp metal contraption…

Flips The “Predator Switch” Making Them Increasingly Unstable & Unpredictable

This story hasn’t made it into the mainstream news… yet.


Yet the danger to your pet is so serious


And protecting your dog is so SIMPLE once you know the secret…


I felt compelled to share this information with you before it’s too late


In the next few minutes, you’ll see the shocking fact behind this modern epidemic.


And more importantly, you’ll…

Discover The Modern Nail-Trimming Invention Changing The Lives Of Countless Dogs & Dog Owners All Around The U.S.

Now, I have to make it very clear: I’m NOT advocating for not cutting your dog’s nails at all.

That is dangerous and comes with its own host of hazards

The Breakthrough Invention I'm talking about involves...

The fact is, it’s so EASY…

it takes ONLY 5 minutes every couple of weeks!

Yet it’s so powerful that over 97% of dog owners who use it report their dogs to be better behaved...

And they don’t need their nails trimmed as often!

My name is Dr. Robert Peterson. I’ve been a veterinarian for well over 20 years now.


That gives me a unique perspective on the sudden decline in dog psychological health in the U.S.



I Hear Many Complaints About How Their Dogs Are “Acting Out” Or How They’re “Not Themselves”

I knew something was causing this dramatic shift.


Though when I found out what it was, I could barely believe it myself… 


Because the single thing that activates the so-called “Predator Switch” in your dog’s psychology… 


Is something you would NEVER expect…

This scientific idea might seem complicated at first…

But it makes complete sense once you put yourself in a little puppy’s shoes for a second…

You're sniffing around the house, minding your own business and suddenly your owner appears. 

Your heart is pounding. You're so happy to see him that you can't stop tip-toeing around. 

He pets you on your back and you notice that he has a strange-looking sharp tool in his hand...

Luckily for you, he has a treat in his other hand, but you have no idea what he’s going to do with that sharp THING..!

He sits down on the sofa and motions for you to sit on his lap… 

You’re a little unsure of what he's about to do, but it seems harmless enough… 

So you hop up and curl into a ball while he clenches the tool and starts doing something VERY strange to your nails…

You try to wiggle away, but he has a good grip on you.

The next thing you know he's holding you down and then all of a sudden - SNAP!!!

The quick sensation sends SHIVERS down your spine and before you realize what is going on...SNAP!

You cry out for help!

...But your owner, the person who is supposed to love you and take care of you is doing this HORRIBLE thing.


The sound of his cutting is the only thing you hear and every time he makes that noise it feels like a cold knife is slicing through your flesh

All of a sudden you hear: 

Snap!” — an OVERWHELMING pain shoots through your limb and you cry out in pain!

For a second you think that this is finally over… 

But the torture is only beginning

Every two weeks your owner grabs those clippers and sets to work on your nails again. 


You whimper, you cry, and sometimes you even nibble his hand… 


BUT he doesn’t stop…

This State Of Confusion & Helplessness Completely Changes Your Dog’s Psychology!

Have you heard about the fight or flight response?

That’s very similar to what I’m talking about.

Renowned animal scientists have observed that when an animal is in danger, they go into this primal instinctual mode where they have to make a split decision – run away or stay and fight.


Your dog CAN'T run away from you - it depends on you for food, water, and shelter…

And they don't know WHEN you're going to decide to trim its nails again.

So, your dog is stuck - in a situation where it feels like it's constantly in danger...

Waiting to see what you're going to do next...

This is a nightmare scenario that we wouldn't wish on our worst enemy…

...Let alone the dog you love so much.

Having their nails snapped with a sharp blade like this is what accounts for a disproportionate amount of behavioral issues in dogs.

It Physically Rewires Your Dog’s Brain..!

And activates what now dog scientists recently described as the “Predator Switch”.

It's a psychological state where the dog is 24/7 on alert, waiting for the next predator to come along and defend itself against.

When you activate this state by using conventional dog nail clippers, it wreaks havoc on your dog's nervous system and endocrine function…

Making it more prone to everything from anxiety and stress...

To random outbursts of aggression and biting.

Keeping the "Predator Switch" on all can even lead to…

Serious health problems like cancer, heart disease, joint pain, digestive issues, and more.

In nature, this state is only meant to be used when REAL danger is present.

I'm talking about the kind of danger that a wild animal faces when it's being hunted by a predator.

But in this case…

As Your Dog Sees It, The Predator That Is Threatening Its Life…
…is YOU!

But don’t worry - because there is a way to avoid triggering your dog's "Predator Switch"...

While simultaneously keeping their nails smoother and healthier than ever.

This innovation that I'm about to tell you about can even REVERSE any damage that has been done.

Have you ever thought about how wild dogs keep their nails healthy and trim in nature?

After all, they don't have access to grooming tools or monthly trips to the vet...

The truth is this: contrary to domestic dogs, wild dogs (just like their “cousins” wolves and raccoons) use their nails all the time…

They spend their days digging, climbing, and running around with their fellows.

This constant wear and tear, especially the walking and running, keep their nails short, smooth, and healthy.

This natural and anxiety-free way is how dogs, as we know them, have kept their nails in check for thousands of years.

It's Way Different Than Having Your Claws Snapped With A Sharp Steel Contraption!

Now, in a perfect world, all domestic dogs would have the opportunity to do the same. 

But we don't live in a perfect world.

We live in a world where most dog owners have to work all day and then come home to take care of their families. 

There's just no time (or energy) left over for long walks or hikes

According to a reputable scientific study, a typical wild dog travels over 30 kilometers through dirt and sand... every day! 

That's more than 18 miles! 

So unless you're willing to take your dog on an 18-mile hike every day…

You’ll probably going to have to find another way to keep their nails trim.

Another way to let your dog take care of their nails naturally would be to let it dog be outside all the time and let it dig, run, and play with other dogs.

But unless you want your yard to look like a war zone full of dog holes...

...That's probably NOT the best solution for you.

Luckily in New Jersey…

A Group Of Scientists And Engineers Have Come Up With A Revolutionary Way To Trim Your Dog’s Nails…

Without making them go through the pain of a nail trim!

Activating the "Predator Switch"...

And turning them into a Ticking Time Bomb...

That spends its days looking for trouble…

And might even snap at you or your children (or little grandchildren!) without ANY prior warning!

So you can STOP worrying about accidents happening in your home.

This modern invention allows you to trim your dog's nails in a way that is maximally enjoyable to your pet and you...

Get LuckyTail Nail Grinder with 64% OFF!

It Allows You To Bond With Your Dog And Build An Even Deeper Connection...

I'm Talking About...

And best of all, using this device regularly, will not only TURN OFF the "Predator Switch"...

And change their brain chemistry so they become less anxious, relaxed... and happier overall.

But you'll know that the bond with your dog is only getting stronger and stronger every time you use it!

Knowing that every time you take care of your dog's nails ALSO means that you're also spending quality time with your dog.

And trust me... that's a great feeling and you deserve to experience it yourself!

Which is why - with the help of my team of dog scientists and engineers we've come up with this VERY FIRST Device that simulates the natural grooming process.

After SELLING OUT the initial supply in RECORD time..!

It is Back In Stock For A Short Time And YOU Are Invited To Try It Risk-Free...

It's called the LuckyTail Nail Grinder.

And it's been designed to take care of your dog's nails in the EXACT way that dogs would take care of their nails in nature. 

Remember when I told you about wild dogs who travel more than 18 miles over rocky terrain every day..?

This rough terrain rubs against their nails giving them a smooth & shiny finish

Well, guess what? The LuckyTail Nail Grinder has been engineered to operate in that exact way… 

WITHOUT having to run a marathon with your dog every day!

Instead, its powerful electronic motor spins a diamond head that’s created out of a special hard and rough material…

Very similar to one that dogs would encounter in natural conditions!

So unlike trimming with a standard nail clipper…

Your Dog Will Remain Calm & Happy While The Grinder Quickly Grinds Away Their Nail Until It’s Nice & Smooth…

Instead of turning into an angry, irritable, and unpredictable Ticking Time Bomb that’s about to bite you or your family members at any given second!

Let's face it - having a dog that you can't fully trust is TERRIFYING...

You never know when they might lash out in anger or fear...

Now, they may never dare to bite or lunge at you...

But what if they go after your kids or grandkids..?

That is not to mention the stress and anxiety that you have to go through when you take your dog for a walk...

And you have to be on edge constantly, worry about them getting into fights with other dogs, or worse - biting someone!

By the end of the very first month of using the LuckyTail Nail Grinder, you should notice a REMARKABLE difference.

And by the end of the second month, your dog will be transformed into a much calmer, happier, and more obedient animal.

...One that you can finally take for walks without worry!
And that's just ONE of the ways you'll know that your LuckyTail is working.

You should notice LOTS of other welcome changes, too...

Your dog will become more playful and loving with you instead of seeing you as a predator... 

It'll start following your commands better, and maybe EVEN obey a few new tricks...

NO MORE: biting, licking, and chewing around the house... 

And you'll see a profound change in its attitude, from anxious and stressed to relaxed and content.

And best of all... 

By using LuckyTail every two weeks or so, you’ll know that your dog is no longer a ticking “Time Bomb”!

Here’s What Dog Owners Like You Have Been Saying About The Luckytail Nail Grinder

Totally Blown Away!..

“Our dog Bonny was becoming more anxious and aggressive with every nail trim. It was like she was a completely different dog after using LuckyTail for just a few weeks. We were SO AMAZED!”

Lucy J.

Completely Different Dog In A Couple Weeks!

“Every time I took Bobby for a walk he would pull on the leash and bark at every dog we passed. I thought he'd grow out of it but he only got worse and worse as he got older. When I started using LuckyTail he’s been super calm and relaxed!

Drew C., San Antonio

Dramatic Difference In Two Weeks!

“I knew that Buster hated having his nails clipped but I had no idea that it was what was causing him to be the naughty rascal he was! We're so grateful to have found this product! Plus, nail trimming has never been this easy!

Jessica B.

She’s My Best Friend Again!

"I have an older dog who doesn't like being groomed and I was starting to worry that she was going to become aggressive. But since using LuckyTail, she's been so much happier and easier to handle."


Luckytail Has Been A Life-Saver!

“I have 4 dogs and 2 of them HATE getting their nails trimmed.I saw LuckyTail online and decided to give it a try. It's been a life-saver! My dogs are so much better behaved now and they don't mind getting their nails trimmed at all.”

Jimmy C., New Mexico

Perfect Nails in Under 5 Minutes!

“I have 3 dogs, one of which is a rescue who is very skittish. I was starting to think I was never going to be able to trim his nails. But LuckyTail has made it so much easier… He's not nearly as scared and I'm able to get the job done quickly in under 5 minutes.”

Jack B.

Happy Dog, Happy Owner!

“I have 5 dogs and I used to spend hours every month trying to trim their nails. But with LuckyTail, it's a breeze! I can trim all of their nails in under 10 minutes, and they don't even mind.”

Madison M.

I Can Finally Relax Around My Dog!

“I was really hesitant to use this product because I didn't want to get bitten again. But I'm glad I gave it a try! It's so much easier to trim Spike's nails now, and I don't have to worry about him biting me.”

Phil C.

So Glad I’ve Tried It!

"I was really skeptical about this product, but it has made a world of difference. I can now trim my dog's nails without him getting aggressive or stressed out."

Vanessa, Buffalo, NY

The Makers Of Luckytail Have Received Thousands Of 5-Star Reviews On Amazon, Google, Facebook, And More…

And since the only place to get a LuckyTail Nail Grinder at a great price today is through this presentation, you're in luck!

In a moment, a button will appear below this presentation.

Click it to access the easy-to-read secure order form - and claim your LuckyTail Nail Grinder...

Please understand though...

If you want to take advantage of this breakthrough, you'll need to act quickly...

You see, we already sold out a few months ago. In fact, the supply was gone in the blink of an eye.

Since then, it's taken several months to produce this new batch.

That's because our manufacturing process puts quality above speed.

While other pet brands crank out products as fast as possible to make a quick buck, we take the time to do things right.

For example, if any particular unit is too loud or doesn't meet our standards, we scrap it and start over.

And the same care is given to each and every one of our products.

Point is, it takes time to produce technology this way.


If You Want To Claim Your LuckyTail Nail Grinder While It's Still Available…

You'll Need To Jump On It Quickly!

Because the amount we have in stock no will NOT last long.


Now, there's another mistake I noticed dog owners make that I notice in my practice from time to time...


And it's something you must never do if you want to avoid the dangers of over-trimming and injuring your dog.


Every once in a while a patient will rush into my office with a dog that has an injured paw from over-trimming its nails with a Dremel.


I'm talking about the POWER TOOLS that are designed to polish metal appliances!


They see it on TV commercials all the time and think it will work on their dog's nails.




While from the first glance a Dremel might seem similar to the LuckyTail Nail Grinder, the fact is that they are very very different.


 First of all, the LuckyTail has a special built-in safety cap and comes with several grinding ports to suit different-sized nails.


 So whether your dog's nails are thin and brittle or thick and tough, you can adjust the grinding port to ensure a safe, pain-free experience for your pet.


 Second of all, unlike a Dremel, the LuckyTail does NOT produce any significant sound! 

Making the whole experience smooth and stress-free for your pet.


In fact, our team has measured its noise levels and it turns out...

The Luckytail Nail Grinder Works Quieter Than An A++ Class Fridge!

And third, it produces VERY little buzzing & vibration, so your pet won't be spooked or uncomfortable during the grinding process.

Quite on the contrary! Most dogs actually enjoy its low-level vibration and find it reassuring.

So imagine that!

Instead of thinking "Oh, lord, it's time for a nail trim" you could be thinking "Yay! It's time to use the LuckyTail!"

And your dog will be wagging its tail in anticipation!

Instead of struggling to keep your dog from wiggling around and making the trimming process more difficult...

you could just grab a handful of treats, get your LuckyTail and use nail trimming as a way to bond with your pet!

How great would that be?

Friend, this is a game-changer for dog parents everywhere.

Now you might be thinking: This is great but I’m not a very technical person, will I be able to operate a LuckyTail?

Well, let me assure you…

LuckyTail Is Adored By Everyone From Savvy Teenagers To Regular Folks In Their 80s!

You see, the grinding strength depends on how much pressure you apply.

So if you don’t feel confident in your skill (as most new LuckyTail users do) just go slow and you’ll be fine!

Meanwhile, its ergonomic handle ensures that the fits perfectly in the hand and does not slip, even when wet.

And if that still seems too complicated and you're thinking about just trusting your dog’s nail grooming to a professional…

Well, guess what? Most vets around the country have been using a grinder for decades...

And while more and more vets own a LuckyTail, most of them rely on an old and hefty one…

But think about how much time and money it costs to bring your dog to a vet to have its nails trimmed…

If most vets recommend trimming your dog’s nails AT LEAST every two weeks and it costs you as little as $20, you’ll be spending nearly $250 a year…

And that’s not including the time & energy spent commuting!

Of course, you must be wondering how much the LuckyTail Nail Grinder costs.

After all, it's clearly different from any other grinder on the market.

And when you think of the countless hours of development & research that went into building the LuckyTail...

Not to mention the strict quality control measures for the ingredients...

It would make sense for the LuckyTail to cost at least a couple hundred dollars.

And to be honest, it would be a bargain at that price.

If you think about it…

How much would you pay for being able to trust your dog 100%?

And...turning the daily chore of nail grinding into a bonding experience between you and your furry friend?

I bet you'd gladly pay $200...$500 - or more - to have that...

Of course, a LuckyTail Nail Grinder is available today for a tiny fraction of that price.

We've worked hard to make the price for a single unit affordable on just about any budget...

But you can get an EVEN better price, if you shop smart.

Choose The LuckyTail Best Value Bundle (Or Whatever Option Works Best For You)

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unnamed (2) (1)

The discount on the basic bundle is good - and the savings on the Best Value Bundle are even better.

You'll get TWO standard replacement heads for maximum efficiency, one extra hard one - absolutely perfect for thick & long nails - and a super soft one for giving your pup's nails that nice & smooth finish.

And let me be absolutely clear about the one-year warranty we offer, since you may be wondering if there's some fine print "gotcha" details.

Let me assure you, there's NONE of that.

You can go ahead and feel completely secure when you place your order today.

Because the LuckyTail Best Value Bundle is backed by a one-year warranty.

It's our unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee to you.

It means that if at any time within one year you notice that your LuckyTail is not as effective as the first day you used it…

You get back a brand new LuckyTail Nail Grinder.

No questions.

No hassles.

No fine print.

Just send your grinder back within a year of your purchase and I'll give you a new one.


unnamed (3) (1)

Dr. Robert Peterson

In Your Luckytail Best Value Bundle You’ll Get:

unnamed (2) (1)

And even better - through this presentation, you can try the LuckyTail Best Value Bundle without paying a cent for shipping.

So with a generous 1-year warranty... free shipping... and the best price we've ever offered... there's never been a better time to put the LuckyTail Nail Grinder to the test.

Especially when you remember how traumatic nail trimming is for your dog...

Every time you trim your dog's nails with conventional nail clippers - even if it might seem like you're being careful - the clock is ticking on an injury.

It's Time To Give Yourself And Your Dog The Gift Of Stress-Free Nail Care!

And you deserve every bit of it because you made an important decision today.

A small decision with life-changing benefits.

You’ve waited long enough.

Just click the “Order Now!” button below…

Complete the SEURE checkout form on the following page…

And your LuckyTail Nail Grinder will arrive at your door in 5-7 business days!

But please don't delay. We expect our current supply of LuckyTail Nail Grinder to sell out in the next few days - if not sooner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Luckytail Nail Grinder For?

The LuckyTail Nail Grinder is for any dog owner who wants to keep their dog's nails short, healthy, and pain-free - without causing any pain, long-term stress, or psychological trauma to their dog (or themselves).

What’s The Difference Between The Luckytail Nail Grinder And Conventional Dog Nail Clippers?

The high speed of the spinning disc of the LuckyTail Nail Grinder produces just the right amount of friction which results in shiny polished nails without the risk of cutting into the quick. That's why the LuckyTail is a lot less likely to cause any bleeding than if you were to use traditional nail clippers.

Also, using LuckyTail takes far less time. For a medium-sized dog, using a nail grinder on all of their nails can take up to 10 minutes depending on the size and breed of your dog.

What’s The Difference Between The Luckytail Nail Grinder And Other Nail Grinders?

The LuckyTail Nail Grinder was designed with dogs in mind. It’s much quieter and gentler than other pet nail grinders on the market so your dog is less likely to be scared or stressed by the noise. The grinder is also rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about batteries dying in the middle of a grooming session.

How Soon Will I See The Results?

In terms of shinny and smooth nails, you should see results after the first use. As far as the psychological effect goes, you might notice a decrease in your dog's overall stress and anxiety levels within 2-8 weeks.

Is There A Guarantee?

Yes! We offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you or your dog are not happy with the LuckyTail Nail Grinder for any reason, simply return it within 14 days for a full refund.

How Do I Order A Luckytail Nail Grinder?

Just select the LuckyTail bundle you'd like us to send you... I recommend the Best Value Bundle but you can choose whichever one you find most suitable for you...

Click the 'Order Now!' button below...

And you'll be taken to our 100% secure order form.

Fill out your shipping information and you're all set! Your LuckyTail Nail Grinder will arrive at your door in just a few short days!

Choose The LuckyTail Best Value Bundle (Or Whatever Option Works Best For You)

-55% OFF

$39.95 $89.95

1 LuckyTail™ Dog Nail Grinder

when ordering Extra Heads

30-day money-back guarantee



$79.95 $219.70

1 LuckyTail™ Dog Nail Grinder

🔥 LIMITED Availability🔥

30-day money-back guarantee


Order within



-59% OFF

$69.95 $169.75

1 LuckyTail™ Dog Nail Grinder

30-day money-back guarantee


Order within



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